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Precision in part-to-part and compound bending applications is just one facet of the expertise we offer. We produce parts, complete fabrications and assemblies. State of the art CNC Tube and Pipe bending equipment allows for tight tolerance requirements.
Tube Bending:
Mandrel tube bending from 5/8Ħħ to 5Ħħ O.D. and from 0.044Ħħ to 0.175Ħħ wall thickness.
Push assist mandrel bending for tight bending radii to 1D bends.
Plasma Punch: up to 1/2Ħħ thick plate CNC punching and plasma cut.
Automatic and manual MIG welding, TIG welding and brazing.
Value Added:
Making the purchasing process easier and projects simpler is part of the Moxin. Processes like heat treatment, polishing, plating, powder coating, kitting and custom packaging are just a few of the value added service resources we offer.
Finishing capabilities include perforating, spinning, flaring, notching, end forming, pressing, drilling, plasma.
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